The opening of The Lobby!

Today is the grand day of the opening of The Lobby, developed by BAS in close collaboration with AMF Fastigheter. The Lobby is a concept house. A retail destination. An ever-changing market place with selected international and Scandinavian brands and an edit section curated by some of the most prominent people in the business.

Together with AMF Fastigheter, BAS has challenged the idea of experienced based shopping and click n’collect. The Lobby is something completely new, a destination beyond the ordinary where tenants can try out a new type of customer journey, try out digital shopping techniques, launching products in combination with hosting an event.

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BAS has been involved in all stages: brand strategy, concept development, graphic identity and implementation.

So if you are curious about the next big thing in tech, fashion, design and lifestyle – feel welcome to come visit today at 2pm, at Regeringsgatan 61 in Stockholm.