The opening of Clas Ohlson Lab Store

Together with Clas Ohlson, BAS designed the new Lab Store concept where visitors are able to experience Clas Ohlson in a new and exciting way. The Lab Store is a place where visitors have the opportunity to influence the assortment and test new products before they are launched in stores. It’s also a place where lectures and events will be held to inspire customers and employees.


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The site – an old movie theatre – contributes to a new look for Clas Ohlson and its products. In the spirit of Clas Ohlson we’ve implemented cost efficient design solutions in an inspirational way. At the lab store there’s a pride for tradition although a curiosity for the future. It’s a dynamic place in a constant change.


Have a look at it and pop by Clas Ohlson Lab Store at Sveavägen 52!