Västermalmsgallerian is a city district galleria in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, owned by AMF Fastigheter. To renew Västermalmsgallerian’s position we started by creating a new galleria concept. By capturing and strengthening the characteristics of Kungsholmen, we created a unique galleria, with its own local feel. Västermalmsgallerian is ’a Glocal Melting Pot’, carries a ’24/7’ attitude  and is identified by its technological industrialism.

One part of the process in developing Västermalmsgallerian was to develop a new graphic identity to match the new strategy and concept, as well as the attributes of Kungsholmen.The identity toolbox is now a strong carrier of the brand in all kinds of interaction and enhances the experience of Västermalmsgallerian.

Welcome to an urban metropol with a futuristic edge.