“Påtår” is a swedish expression for another cup of coffee and also the name of the coffee range on IKEA Food. BAS is proud to present the new design and packaging strategy created in collaboration with IKEA Food. The new products are launched in IKEA Food stores globally and add elements of inspiration and joyful discovery. All ranges are unique in design and are communicating a story about Swedish phenomenons and traditions.

Working with IKEA Food, BAS has produced strategic design packaging for all of IKEA Foods assortment types inspiring communication and the history around Swedish Food Culture and Swedish phenomenon. The store assortment has also been distributed in an entirely new way that will challenge the traditional assortment methods making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

The idea is built with a playful attitude in mind and the revised design in combination with the storytelling will build curiosity around the new products. The theme has obvious connections to food with a whimsical underlying tone.

The focus has not only been on the store and product design, in parallel IKEA Food have developed their product assortment with a strong focus towards health, environmental awareness, quality and value for money. More products are planned for launch over the coming years so be sure to keep an eye out for some delightful surprises when you visit IKEA Food.