We are proud to present a new identity for Hemfrid – Sweden’s first and largest company offering home- and family services. Hemfrid was founded in 1996 and the company has today approx. 1600 employees from all over the world who facilitates everyday life for thousands of households. Hemfrid is the founder of the segment for household services, the mother of the RUT deduction and clearly a pioneer in its industry. The mission for BAS was to renew Hemfrid’s identity. The assignment included working on the company’s graphic, photographic and linguistic identity and to develop a serie of packaging solutions for Hemfrid’s own eco-friendly cleaning products. By capturing and strengthening the company’s brand values, we created a new identity matching Hemfrid’s heritage yet being innovative and modern. We wanted to balance a classic expression with Hemfrid’s warm and joyful personality of being folksy and for everyone. And we succeeded. We hope you agree. Enjoy the launch of Hemfrid’s new graphical profile: Modern, classic, joyful!