Garant Såklart is a subsidiary brand of Garant and comprises a new series of eco-friendly domestic cleaning products. The watchwords for these products were attitude, commitment and honesty. The name, and hand-written typography are integral elements of the design. An entertaining, detailed and surprising collage technique completes the expression. The result is a far cry from both “standard” eco design and multinational hygiene products. Garant is a high-quality brand owned by Axfood and sold in their own stores – Hemköp, Prisxtra, Vi and Willys. The concept is based on bold and innovative design that highlights each product line ahead of its own brand. Garant is targeting savvy, knowledgeable consumers. Consumers can comment on and rate the products on the website ( Axfood can then produce what the customers want – a completely new way of working with private brands. Sales are breaking records, with Axfood’s share of private brands at an all time high, and a huge number of consumers are actively involved via the website.