Working out in the new F24S gym concept should be a fun and fuss-free experience for the members – and whenever they want to visit the gym. Fitness24Seven is the fastest growing gym chain in the Nordic, Poland, Thailand and Colombia, with over 200 gyms. Open 24/7.

The gyms are open to members at all times. However, the gym is only staffed daytime. This creates challenges, both when choosing materials that are sturdy and easy to maintain and when creating wayfinding and conceptual communication for the different gym features.

Materials, colours and lighting are arranged in straightforward ways to gently nudge members through the different gym zones. Bold graphics and a seamless wayfinding system from digital device to the final work out destination in the gym adds to the experience.

Fuss free, fun and always open means some features needs to shut down but still look nice and attractive. The reception has a wayfinding ”content” menu which corresponds to digital platforms. The F24S Shop can be folded together when unmanned and yet the vending machines and charging station are always open.

A fuss-free navigation system, from your digital device to the gym destination. Easy to find and always open. There are lots of future possibilities to develop personalized digital gym solutions.