Beckers Mood is a high value sub brand which includes wall, ceiling, and lacquer paint for indoor use. The design concept needed to create a calm, stylish and simplistic design, matching the mood you should feel when being home. The idea is built upon when lights hits a wall, creating smooth and dynamic look. The simplistic jet effectual background is complemented with a strong and bold logotype, making the product pop on shelf and being easy to recognize on a distance. The clean grid contains information about every product’s special benefits, making it easy to understand for everyone.

Beckers is since 1865, one of the leading producers of quality indoor and outdoor paint in Scandinavia. They are also distributed in Eastern Europe and China.

Together with Beckers, BAS ID has created strategic design packaging for the global assortment across 120 products and 17 different categories. The task was to make it easier for the consumer to find the right product and strengthening the brand’s premium position to both professional and consumer target groups. But the focus was not only product design, the assignment also included assortment strategy and name development of sub brands and product lines. The first designs are already out in the stores, but more launches are planned over the coming years so stay tuned.

Bas_id_beckers_mood_2_1920x1280_close up