Breakfast seminar, March 8, Commercial trends 2016 — retail meets the consumer

Välkommen på ett spännande frukostseminarium med BAS, BASITG och Dagens Handel. Temat är kommersiella trender med fokus på unika upplevelser i en dynamisk relation mellan konsument och varumärke


Retail möter konsumenten.

Vi kallar det #Consumerience [con-su-meer-iens]


A new kind of consumption experience that brings brave, smart, and open-minded consumers and brands closer together and pave the way for a sustainable relationship.


#Consumerience is about: 


Being In the Mood
Enjoying immersive experiences, blending lighthearted fun with deep feelings and meaningful encounters.


Instant Satisfaction
Immediate benefits and access, dynamic product upgrades, and personal services before you know and need it


Expanding the Norm
Embracing diversity and challenging traditions, mixing concepts and experiences, and showing a multifaceted identity


The Good Life
Eliminating physical and mental restrictions, building a long and good life from an expansive perspective on health and wellbeing


Luxury Beyond Bling
Exploring old luxury in new ways and new luxury in unexpected ways


Tisdag 8 mars, frukost serveras från Kl. 07.30–8.00, programmet pågår Kl. 8.00-9.00.


Scandic Anglais, Humlegårdsgatan 23, Stockholm


Skicka ett mail till Kostnadsfritt, men vid utebliven närvaro debiteras 350kr. Antalet platser är begränsat.
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